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Complete Guide to Start A Law Firm Blog – 2022 Edition

In a world of web-based credibility, traditional forms of advertising no longer have the same effect on people. E…

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Complete Content Marketing Tips for Attorneys


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Complete Content Marketing Tips for Attorneys

In a world of web-based credibility, traditional forms of advertising no longer have the same effect on people. Especially in the case of modern generations, people don’t appreciate being force-fed products or services. They would much rather find the products, services, and answers they are looking for by quickly doing a Google search; thus, they avoid wasting time, scams, and aggressive salespeople. Nowadays, by searching on the internet, people look to purchase products or services of the highest quality and from people with the highest credibility.

This behavior most definitely applies to the legal field. Whether it is an injury or a divorce case, people want to know that their attorney is a winner! So how can you stand out from the thousands of other local attorneys? The answer is blogging.

The purpose of blogging is to keep your online presence active and your reputation high, to create your own online community where you share your knowledge, and ultimately, to allow your readers to get to know you so that you are their go-to attorney whenever they need legal help.

But what does it take to become a blogger? Most people don’t know where to begin, so they are scared to even start. The good news is that blogging is not super difficult! I was never much of a writer, but I find that blogging is very easy because I just share the knowledge that I have acquired over the years. The only difficult part of blogging, as with anything in life, is that it will take commitment!

I have spent days compiling the best tips for new bloggers, and I have listed them all here!

Follow these 15 tips in Business Behind Law’s complete guide to start a law firm blog, and you will a blogging expert in no time!

Post Consistently

Like I mentioned above, the only difficult part of being a blogger is that it takes commitment. Simply, decide how many blog articles you want to write for your law firm every week, and stick to it! Whether you decide to write one blog per week, or three blogs, your readership will grow if they know that you are committed to sharing knowledge. I recommend you to stick to three blogs per week, because it is pretty frequent and won’t eat up too much of your time.

Understand that it will take time

I’m sure that you have heard of the phrase “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Well, it applies to blogging, too. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a client after your first blog. Understand that it will take time until blogging increases your revenue. Generally, it will take 3-6 months of consistent blogging until you have a decent following. Your patience will be rewarded with great influence in your field. If this interests you, then utilize the 15 tips in this complete guide on how to start a blog for your law firm.

Complete Guide to Start a Law Firm Blog

1) Write good, high-quality content

Give the people what they want to read. Think: if the reader has a question/problem, would my blog be the best answer?

2) Write evergreen content for most blogs

Evergreen Content is content that is relevant at any given time. Invest your time writing content that can keep attracting readers in the future.

3) Don’t write essays. Make it easier for your readers.

Blogs must not be visually daunting. Instead, they must be easy for your reader to understand. Break up your content into smaller paragraphs, and try to keep each paragraph to about 6 lines.

4) Use “you” and “I”

Don’t be too formal in your blogs. Using the words “you and I” blog a personal touch that’s proven to be appreciated by the average reader.

5) Don’t forget to add links

Put links to your website in your blog. Linking to a high-quality blog is one of the best SEO practices you can engage in. The more your website is linked to high-quality content, the more your website’s search engine ranking improves.

6) Link other sources (even if it’s a competitor)

Remember that it’s not the blog article that sells your service. The blog only lures the reader to your website. Talking about your competitors, and linking to their website, proves that you’re genuinely interested in helping your readers and it builds trust.

7) If someone comments on your blog, respond to them!

Self-explanatory. You improve your relationship with your readers the more you interact with them.

8) Find other bloggers to share your blog post

When you start building relationships with other bloggers in your field, ask them to share your blog posts. You can even offer to do the same for them! This method puts your content in front of other readers, which, in turn, can drive them to your website.

9) Ask other bloggers for a guest post

When you’re starting a blog for your law firm, a great way attracting a following is to guest post for another blogger in your field. Guest posting is when you write and publish your content on another blogger’s website. This is another great method for increasing your email list and improving your relationship with other bloggers in your field. Simply, email the blogger and ask for permission to write content for them.

10) Comment on other blogs

Make it a habit to comment on other people’s blogs. This is a good way of getting exposure with other bloggers. Most importantly, by commenting on other blogs, you are creating more links to your website (called backlinks), because your profile will usually include your name and URL of your website.

11) Answer questions on Quora and Yahoo Answers

This is another way of increasing your backlinks. Similar to Tip #10, answering questions on websites like Quora and Yahoo Answers improves your search engine rankings.

12) Use Social Media to promote your blogs

Use social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and share your blog with other people in your industry. Also, invite people to join your groups on LinkedIn and Facebook to receive and share similar content.

13) Use [check out]

This is a tool that helps you write awesome and attractive headlines. A high-quality blog article must be able to attract the eyes of the reader.

14) Find the most popular topics on Quora and write blogs about them

Go to and find the most popular topics (most popular questions) and invest a lot of time to answer the question in your blog. If you are writing about a popular topic, then you want to make sure that your blogs are the most helpful.

15) Call to Action

Every blog needs a proper call-to-action tool to gather leads and email addresses. Check out and for free call-to-action tools.

Alas, here is the complete guide to start a law firm blog! Use these tips and you will drastically improve your law firm’s content marketing. Of course, this article will only help those attorneys who use these tips religiously. Most importantly, as I stated before, stay consistent with your blogs and don’t give up! It’s only a matter of time until you have a decent following, and it only gets better from there.

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