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9 Tips to Increase Client Referrals as a Content Writers

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9 Tips to Increase Client Referrals for Content Writers


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9 Tips to Increase Client Referrals for Content Writers

Client referrals are one of the best methods to grow your clientele in the content writing field. Those who are in need of blogging, want bloggers whom they can trust, and every blogger wants to work with clients that trust and appreciate their service. This type of blogger/client relationship is easier to build when the client is referred to the content creator by somebody that they trust.

A client referral is also one of the best marketing practices that content creators often overlook. It is overlooked because content writers want to see immediate results from their efforts in growing their clientele; and since they can’t depend on referrals to appear whenever they need them, they end up quitting too soon. Increasing client referrals is definitely not for those who want immediate gratification for their efforts.

As with other known forms of marketing, such as content marketing or SEO, all it takes to grow your writing service through client referrals is COMMITMENT.

In this article, we will go over 9 amazing tips for increasing client referrals to your content writing business. All nine pieces of advice are equally important and can be effective on their own. However, the harmony of all nine tips will improve your client referral game like never before!

Let’s begin!

Client Referrals Depend on the Writer’s Customer Service

Let’s be honest, the most important step to increase client referrals for content writers is to make sure that your relationship with your current clients is the best that it can be. Especially in the field of content creation, which at times require a lengthy period of time to see results, having great client relations is how you maintain a happy clientele. This means that you must invest a good amount of time and effort into making your clients feel that they are being taken care of in every way possible. You might also want to invest some money in proper client relations management software, in order to keep track of your schedule and meetings, financial records, invoices, documents, and communications.

Make Use of Social Media to Get the Word Out About Your Service

Social media is a very powerful marketing tool for businesses if utilized correctly. Content creators should put an effort in growing their following on social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter since it is currently one of the best methods to getting your message across in a very saturated market. The problem with many bloggers is that they forget all about growing their social media presence faster than they forget their new year’s resolutions!

As soon as you improve your social media presence, it becomes very easy for you to demonstrate your expertise and build your credibility in your community. Now, with your service’s great reputation and image, you can start marketing your referral program and its incentives. Remember, as with any great marketing campaign, the effectiveness of your marketing depends on the size of your audience. So start implementing this step as soon as you can!

Make Use of Networking Events (Build Your Network)

The bigger your network is, the more referrals you will generate. Simple, right? Most content writers, even most businesses, believe that only current clients can refer new business to them. That is a completely false assumption and can result in many missed opportunities! Haven’t you ever referred a friend to a restaurant that you’ve never been to but have only heard of its reputation? The same concept applies to referrals to content writers.

When you grow your network, you are building personal connections with people. Even if the people you connect with aren’t potential clients, they might know people who would need your service. Regardless of your practice area, you will most likely connect with people that aren’t part of your target audience; however, they might know people that might be potential clients, and connect you with them.

Provide Incentives to Promote Your Client Referral Program

There are two main forces that influence human behavior, and they are: 1) the opportunity to gain something, and 2) the opportunity to prevent a loss. With that in mind, which of the two forces are most applicable in promoting referrals? In most cases, offering an incentive (the opportunity to gain force) is the most effective. For example, you can offer the people in your network an hour of free work if they refer a new client. If you only focus on one field, such as writing for estate planning attorneys, then you can offer them a discount on writing their will if they refer other clients to you. These are very standard incentives, and I’m sure you can come up with more creative ones. The point is that referral incentives are as effective as spending money on advertising.

Showoff Your Clients That Appreciate Your Service and Send You Referrals

Others should see how much you appreciate people sending you referrals, but MUST see examples of how you reward them. For example, you can send letters to your clients, once in a while, expressing your gratitude for their business and the referrals. If you really want to express your gratitude, you can start a client-of-the-month award and show off your best clients (with their permission, of course!). This is another one of those cases where you can get creative! Just remember that you not only want to thank your clients who refer business to you, but you want to use the opportunity to set an example for others to do the same.

Help your contacts set the meeting

It is always more personal when the person who refers potential clients to you sets the date of the first meeting. When it comes to scheduling the first meeting, if the mutual party sets the appointment, then it’s as good as vouching for your services. It shows the potential client that you can be trusted, both on a personal level and regarding your capabilities as a content writer. When this trust is achieved, it is almost certain that they will use your services and stop shopping around for better rates. Especially with matters related to content creation, people will pay higher rates just to have the peace of mind that they are with a seasoned content writer.

Give referrals to others

Another great way to encourage people to send you referrals is to actually refer business to them. It is very common to people to immediately refer potential clients to you once you’ve referred someone to them. The reasoning is not so much based on logic, but it is based on emotion. When you’ve done somebody a favor, or if you’ve given someone a gift, you might notice that most people want to repay the nice gesture in any way they can. For some people, taking the first step and referring business to them will make them feel obligated to return the favor. It’s a win-win! This method is completely based on the psychology of persuasion, an art that is vital to face-to-face professions.

Simply Ask for Client Referrals

The phrase “Ask and you shall receive” is not only true in the religious sense, but it also applies to the world of business. A very wise gentleman that I once knew said to me “This is America. When you see something you want, just ask for it. The worst thing that can happen is your request will be rejected.” In some cases, you can immediately receive referrals from people just by asking for it. Even if they don’t have anybody in mind at the moment, at least they will know that you want client referrals and that you are in search of them.

Create a Client Referral Program and Stick To It!

This sounds simple, right? The sad truth is that not many people can follow a simple plan to generate more referrals. More often than not, attorneys create very elaborate client referral programs but abandon the entire idea as soon as they get a little busy. So regardless of how you plan on increasing client referrals, you must commit to it!

You’ve just received 9 awesome tips on how to increase client referrals for your content writing service! Just remember that improving your client referral game all depends on how well you execute these tips. As with anything else in life, you have to be committed in order to expect any results. Start with one tip that you can implement today and work your way through the other 8 tips, and eventually, you will notice a dramatic spike in your client referrals!

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