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The Ultimate Content Writing Package

Perfect for establishing long-lasting SEO and seeing immediate engagement from customers. This bundle is designed to establish your company as a thought leader in your industry, rank your blogs on the first page of search engines, and convert hours of research into social media content (including images, videos, and podcasts).

Long-Form Content

High-Ranking Blogs

Long-lasting SEO with in-depth blog articles that establish your online presence and reputation.

Short-Form Content

Social-Media Mini Blogs

Creates viral content that produces immediate results through social sharing and engagement.


Dominate Every Medium

Create content for all types of platforms: search engines, social media, and video/podcasts.


Content All Month-Long

Have a team of professional content creators focus on keeping your online presence active.

Ultimate Blogging Bundle

Elite Bundle



1x 2500-Word High-Ranking Blog

4x Sharable Mini Blogs

1x Podcast Episode

1x Blog Video

4x Multi-Slide Social Media Posts

4x Engaging Images for Social Media

15x Repurposed Original Content

* Content Published Daily for 1 Month

* Website/Blog Audit & Monitoring

* Dedicated Account Manager

* Hands Off Approach

What are the Benefits of

Long-Form & Short-Form Content?

On average, blog post leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate.

– Search Engine Journal, 2016

Long-Form Blog Writing Pricing & Benefits

1000-Word Blog

Ranking For Low-Competition Keywords
$ 259
  • Quick To Rank On 1st Page
  • Generates Fair Amount of Web Traffic
  • One 1000-Word Blog Per Month
  • Includes All Benefits Below (see below)

2000-Word Blog

Ranking For Med-Competition Keywords
$ 499
  • Quickly Builds Domain Authority
  • Cost Effective (long run)
  • One 2000-Word Blog Per Month
  • Includes All Benefits Below (see below)

3000-Word Blog

Ranking For High-Competition Keywords
$ $799
  • Brings The Most Web Traffic
  • Longest-Lasting SEO
  • One 3000-Word Blog Per Month
  • Includes All Benefits Below (see below)
Benefits of Long-Form Content

Included with Every Package

Like we always say, when we write, we write to rank on the 1st page. We make sure to include every benefit in every blogging package.

100% Unique.
No Plagiarism.

Topic & Competition Research

SEO Optimization



(Featured & In-text)

Proofreading & Performance Tracking

Dedicated Content Manager

Content Strategy Sessions

Unlimited Revisions

Native Writers

Short-Form Content

Benefits of Mini-Blogging

Although long-Form blogging brings the most traffic, Mini Blogs are meant to maximize attention from online sources with high engagement, such as social media platform, social Q&A websites, and industry-specific forums.

Utilize Short Attention Spans

Short videos (e.g. TikTok & Instagram Reels) exist to take advantage of short attention spans. Mini-blogging accomplishes the same goal.

Easy to Distribute

Mini blogs are definitely easier to distribute. Social sharing has made it possible for readers to share your content with a click of a button.

Higher Retention Rates

Since the mini-blog is much more concise, it is easier for readers to consume and digest the information in the content.

Higher Engagement

Readers tend to engage better with mini blogs because they live on online platforms where engagement is typical and encouraged.

Mini Blogs

Short-Form Content
$ 499
  • 4x (200-500 Word) Blogs
  • Immediate Engagement
  • Social Sharing & Virality
  • Growing Online Network

Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing.

– Ouellette, OptinMonster, 2021

Add-On Services

Taking your content marketing to the next level.

Guest Posting

Best Approach to Backlinks
$ 145
  • Backlinks from High-Authority Domains
  • Utilize the Web Traffic of Influencers
  • Create Strategic Business Relationships

Guest Posting Service

We take your blog, whether or not it’s been written by us, and find a high-authority, high-traffic website to publish it in.

Website SEO Overhaul

A Complete Audit
$ 195
  • Comprehensive Performance Analysis
  • In-Depth Performance Reports
  • Guide to Improve On-Site SEO

SEO Audit Service

The main benefit to doing an SEO audit is to get your website ready to be easily picked up and ranked on search engines.

Content Marketing Coaching

SEO Bootcamp

We host SEO Bootcamps to teach eager content marketers like you how to write content that ranks online, increases web traffic, and gets your more leads.

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Custom Pricing

Need a Customized Package?

We make it easy for our customers to mix-and-match our services and make a custom package that fits perfectly with their content marketing goals.