Welcome To Content Cradle

Your Wordy Content Connoisseurs

We get far too excited when we think of writing content.

Welcome To Content Cradle

Your Wordy Content Connoisseurs

We get far too excited when we think of writing content.

We make sure that your content is 100% genuine and authentic.

We write blogs to rank well above your competition.

Creative writing is what allows us to write engaging content.

Our content strategists are well-versed in making content tech companies.

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“There is much to be said about Content Cradle, I don’t know where to begin! I really appreciate your vast knowledge of ranking blogs. My blogs have started to perform much better thanks to you.”

Steven Robowitz

Considering a Content Writer?

Why We Do What We Do

Most company founders and marketers understand the importance of written content marketing, but they just don’t know how to do it effectively. They spend their precious time on writing blogs, with every SEO “trick” in the book, only to find that they do not perform as well as they should. The truth is that there is no “trick” when it comes to ranking your blogs. 

Our Values

We’re a team of professional content writers who have enormous respect for the written word, your time, and your resources.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help companies and firms by using our knowledge and expertise in blogging, in order to get major online exposure and broadcast their content effectively.

How It Works

Our Proven Process

Our approach to content writing requires synergy and teamwork between our clients and us. We write blogs to build your online presence, and never to write blogs just to sell blogs.


Consult With Us

Before we begin writing your content, we have to get to know you, your brand, and your business goals first.


Strategize Your Approach

In order to achieve your business goals, we must create a concrete strategy to get the results that we want.


Build Content Around Strategy

After strategizing, we conduct researching, find the best blogging opportunities, and craft amazing content.

Increase Your Conversion By Publishing
Meaningful Content That Ranks On Google!

It’s time to see the real potential of your business. Get in touch with us to speak about your business goals.

Always Brand Focus

Our primary focus is on aligning our writers with your brand and your brand personality.

Your Story Matters

We write content that fits your story and attracts the right customers.

Full Understanding of SEO

Blogging with the right SEO practices is what counts.

Dedicated Manager

We assign a dedicated account manager to oversee the entire content creation process.

Proven Strategy

Our blogging strategy is proven to rank on the first page of search engines like Google.

100% Unique and Original

Every piece of content that is written is 100% original and fully reserved by the client.

Our mission is to help you gain major online exposure by writing rankable blogs.

Blogging & SEO

The writers at Content Cradle have a complete understanding of blogging and SEO. We don’t write just to write. We write to rank your blog on the first page of Google and other search engines.

Branding & Content Strategy

Content creation is useless without a strategy. We pride ourselves in our ability to help our clients with their branding and create content to spread their message.

Web Analytics

Once we have written and published your blog, our work doesn’t stop there. We continue to monitor the web analytics and performance of the blog to ensure the best ranking outcome.

The Founders

Meet the Founders

Freddy Davoodian (Co-Founder)

Blogging & SEO Expert

Over a decade of experience in blogging and a complete understanding of SEO. Experienced in short and long-form content, from blogs to eBooks.

“With every piece of content that I write, I write to rank #1 on Google.” 


Sevan Vince Davoodian (Co-Founder)
Marketing & Branding Expert
Branding Expert and Content Strategist with over 12 years of experience. Special emphasis in creating content to establish and promote brand awareness.

“Your primary focus should be to always increase your reach. Sales will follow.”


Tips & Advice

We’re committed to our mission of helping you gain exposure through blogging. Whether you choose us to write your blogs or write them yourself, follow us for the latest blogging tips & advice.

Webinars & Events

We offer courses on blogging and SEO through webinars and live events. Sign up to our newsletter to be notified of our events calendar.

Blogging & SEO Bootcamp

Our expert writers and content strategists host one-on-one training and group bootcamps, where we teach you exactly how to write a blog and rank it on the first page of search engines.

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Power Up Your SEO Code of Ethics

Peace of Mind

We will always monitor & improve SEO rankings

Continuously work to increase or maintain the SEO rankings, and increase conversions and return on investment for our clients’ site.

Take control

We will not set unreasonable client expectations.

We will express honesty in discussing the types of results that can be realistically expected and those that cannot.


We will keep our work confidential

We will maintain complete confidentiality and protect the anonymity of our clients. We will not share any information about our clients or the work that we do for them.

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We will never cause harm to our clients’ brand

We will work to ensure that the processes we use adhere to search engine and directory guidelines and will never knowingly use tactics or techniques that are known to get sites penalized or removed from the search engine indexes or directories.


We will never break the rules of search engines

We will constantly work to ensure we are up-to-date on the rules and guidelines of the search engines, in order to ensure the best SEO outcome for our clients.

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We will always follow governmental regulations

We will do our due diligence to ensure we are not in violation of any copyright laws or infringing on trademarks. We ensure our practices are in line with all applicable local, state, and international always and regulations of conduct for business and Internet operations.


We will never intentionally mislead consumers or visitors

We will work to ensure we do not misrepresent the client or intentionally display inaccurate information on the client’s behalf either within search engine results listings or advertisements or within the content on the client’s website.

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We will not misrepresent our services or ourselves

We will be truthful in relaying all details of our Search Engine Optimization services, methods, skills, certifications, training, performance history, resources, and timetables, and never intentionally mislead our clients on the details of such.