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Content Success Strategy

Using a combination of Long-Form and Short-Form Blogs:

  1. Generate tons of web traffic.
  2. Maximize your online engagement.
  3. Attract more leads and convert them into sales.
  4. Establish your online reputation and credibility.
The "Secret Sauce" For Real SEO

Blog Post that Drive Traffic

Our experienced writes are motivated to help you establish your authority online.

Expert Writers

Our writers have years of experience in blogging and SEO, and their most special skillset is writing blogs that drive traffic.

Build Rapport

One of the main purposes of posting high quality blogs is that it helps you build rapport with your online visitors.

Higher Conversion

As you build rapport with your online visitors, you will be able to convert them into paying customers with ease.

Thought Leadership

We do all the extensive research and writing to establish you as a thought leader in your industry.

Increase Your Conversion!

Ranking on Google means that you will get more traffic to your website which will increase your overall conversion!  


Let our expert blog writers help you produce high-quality blog content for your company, or use our SEO strategy to do a complete overhaul of your existing blogs.

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Generate Tons of Web Traffic

Long-Form Blogging

When you beat your competition online and rank on the first page, you are not only going to generate tons of web traffic, but you’ll be seen as an authority by your readers. Your credibility, along with the influx of new visitors, will generate more leads and convert them into sales.

Benefits of Mini-Blogging

Short-Form Blogging

“Short-form” content is the latest trend in content marketing. In our case, this translates to mini-blogging, which focuses on giving value to your audience in snippets. Mini-blogs have a higher retention rate, see higher engagement from readers, and are super easy to share by your peers.

Why Content Cradle?

Why Buy Content from Content Cradle?


Multiple Contributors

Having several writers contribute to your blog enriches the value that you give to your visitors. Your website’s blog will have the fresh perspectives of multiple writers, which will give your blog the leadership touch.


Expertise & Experience

Writing high-quality content requires writers who are skilled enough to dig deep and find topics to create insightful content. With Content Cradle, you are using the resources of a vast group of researchers and writers, which means you will always be delivered the most meaningful content.


Cost Reduction

Hiring an in-house blogger will not only cost your money, but more importantly, it’ll cost you precious time. Content Cradle is able to deliver quality content at controlled prices because we’re able to pull the resources of the entire team.

Straightforward Pricing

Ranking on Google means that you will get more traffic to your website which will increase your overall conversion!  

“On average, blog post leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate”.

Search Engine Journal, 2016

Blog Writing



Audience Analysis


Before we begin writing your blog, we must first get to know your company and your audience. The blogs that we write are 100% customized and catered to your audience to help you build a value-based relationship with your readers.



A strategy is your compass. Once we get to know you and your target audience, we put together a solid strategy, which is necessary to write valuable content that your audience would want to read and share.


At this stage, we really get to know your competition online. We dig in and find out what works for them and what doesn’t. Our main objective at this stage is to know how can you be different. We immerse ourselves in the research process to find the greatest opportunities where we can provide the reader with real value.



Pick Quality Topics​



Once we make a list of great-potential blog topics, we pick the best blog topics to start with, by utilizing the client’s expertise. The beauty of the research stage is that every blog topic in the list will rank extremely high on Google, but of course, we will help you pick the most profitable ones.


It’s simple, you are the subject matter expert in your area. Before we begin writing the blogs, we want to make sure that we get your input for each topic, so that each blog will have your personal touch.



Alas! After the initial six stages, our writers begin writing blog articles for the chosen topics. Using our proprietary SEO strategy, including over 40 factors (i.e. readability, keyword usage, and etc…), we optimize the blog articles to ensure they rank on the first page of Google.


Our writers will only write blogs when we have a guarantee that they will rank on the 1st page of Google. This stage allows us to find the best topics to write for so that we don’t waste our efforts on blogs that won’t rank. We do that by reverse-engineering the reader’s steps.


Write & Optimize

Publish & Monitor



Proofreading is an essential part of our blog writing process. More importantly, the blog articles are not complete until they receive the final stamp of approval from our client.


When the blog is published, our writers continue to keep an eye on it and its performance. We make sure to monitor the analytics, which we use to improve the blog even further.


Popular Questions

Once an order is approved and closed out, the copyright information is transferred over to the client. Feel free to use your material however you see fit!

Absolutely! If you’d like to revise the content, you may request a revision before approving the order. However, after an order is approved, we do not accept revisions.